Can Age Impact The Kind of Weight Loss Programs Women Follow?

Can Age Impact The Kind of Weight Loss Programs Women Follow?


Have you heard the term of ‘shapeshifting’ get tossed around in the media recently? It’s not an uncommon phrase for fans of Twilight or certain science-fiction franchises, but it has other applications too, and it might just impact the very kinds of weight loss programs women look at.

The idea of shapeshifting is something that women deal with on a personal level as the years go on. When women age, they pack on not just years but also pounds. Even the lucky few who can stay pretty slender still find their bodily shape making changes over time.

You might grow up with an hourglass figure but suddenly resemble a beer mug or other round shapes in time, with no visible waistline. If you want to age gracefully, then girth control is important.

A lot of this starts in a woman’s twenties, when her estrogen production starts going up. This means that rather than staying a lanky teen, she starts putting weight on her thighs, hips, and breasts. This is a good time when developing a strong habit of fitness and health can make for lifetime habits. Body fat should be minimized in this decade, and muscle tone should be built.

In her thirties, a woman can still have a fit, healthy baby if she herself is healthy and fit. Yet, even without kids, her metabolism is going to start slowing down. The weight loss programs women look at in this age range should include resistance training to help keep metabolism close to or even at its peak.

The forties are when shapeshifting gets visibly evident for many, given fluctuations in the levels of both estrogen and progesterone. Women might start noticing love handles or a pot belly. Getting increasingly active and making lifestyle adjustments can keep a person in charge of all of this.

Many women assume their fifties are a decade that represents a point of no return. That only happens if you let it. Keeping your body and mind active helps you stay alert and fit. Boost your cardio where you can. That might mean more distance rather than more speed. Also, maintain your resistance training. Never forget that the goal is living a long, healthy life. Even moderate effort yields gains.

Many weight loss programs women love might become harder in their sixties, as their energy just isn’t where it used to be, but weight loss is still possible, even in this age range. As always, changing weight loss programs might bring about new changes and outcomes. Always be willing to work with your doctor and anyone else on your care team to change diets, exercises, or even the paid program that you follow. If you’re just going solo, it might be time to consider a paid plan that’s professionally managed. Support groups can do wonders so you’re not alone in all this.

When you exercise might matter a lot too. If you do your cardio before breakfast, then research suggests you’ll burn three times as many calories as you would later or after a meal. You’ll also kickstart your body into more calorie burning with higher metabolism over the course of the day.

Coffee might be something to look into. The extra energy it gives you can help you power through a workout, especially if a restricted diet is leaving you feeling a bit lethargic.

Consider redefining what you consider exercise. It doesn’t have to be endless hours on a treadmill or getting packed in like sardines in a sweaty gym. For the most part, exercise is just being active. Take walks in pretty parks, and hike nature trails and mountains. Play a sport with friends or family, or take your pet for a walk. You might think of these activities as hard-core exercise, but they are exercise. In short, exercise doesn’t have to feel like work.

Pay attention to any women in your immediate social circle that successfully lost weight, and ask if there was a certain program they used. Everybody is different, and your doctor should be your primary source of advice and information on a particular program to try. However, if you see a family member, friend, or coworker lose weight, you can possibly follow in their footsteps knowing they were a success.

Consider joining a weight loss program for women that has a social component. The challenges and importance of weight loss for women are different than it is for kids or men. Being able to spend time with others facing your same challenge can be a tremendous source of advice and emotional support you get nowhere else. You might even find workout buddies and new friends, particularly if you find other women in your same age range, dealing with the same shapeshifting you’re going through.

You might have a lot of pounds to lose, but there are also many weight loss programs out there, with many specifically for women. Find options around your community and online both. You’ll find something that meets your needs and budget.

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